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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2016A View to Interlanguage and its Impact in the Development of L2 Writing Skills in a Group of Fourth Semester Students of Modern Languages at the University of QuindíoGrajales Cardona, Juliana; Marulanda Agudelo, Stefania; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016Differences between Modern Languages Students from Fourth Semester of Day and NightOsorio, Jorge A.; Robledo, Jairo A.; Sanchez, Elizabeth; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016Differences between Modern Languages Students from Fourth Semester of Day and NightOsorio Vélez, Jorge; Robledo Peláez, Jairo; Sánchez Molina, Elizabeth; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016Phonological Fossilization in Second Semester Modern Languages Students at the University of QuindíoMontes Tabares, Heidy; Cortes Bedoya, Angelica M.; Caicedo Nieto, Angie V.; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016Strategies to Teach English to People with Cognitive Disabilities in Programa Crecer Semillas de Esperanza, Armenia, Quindío, Colombia”Correa Restrepo, Diana P.; Montoya Bernal, Luis M.; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016Teaching foreign cultures in the english classroom in seventh grade at eudoro granada school.Sánchez Delgado, Jorge A.; Agudelo Domínguez, Yeimi; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016The Ethno-educational and Bilingual Processes of the Nasa Indigenous Students at the Angelina Gullumus High School and the Search of Cultural Identity through English LessonsDelgado Quintero, Marisol; Gómez Cabal, Mary Mar; Liz Andela, Deisy Juliet; Andreia Leal
27-May-2018The Impact of Extra-Curricular Activities Focused on Research Training and Formative Research on 6th and 7th Semester Students of Modern Languages Program at University of QuindíoMARIN-GALEANO-CASTAÑO, CAROLINA-JAIME-JUAN; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016The impact of having a native speaker assistant in two public schools in a 9ª, 10ª and 11ª efl classrooms in armeniaGranada Hurtado, Daniela; González López, Karen M.; Andreia Leal
27-May-2018The Influence of Teachers’ Error Correction Techniques in the Development of Fourth Semester Modern Languages Student’s writings at the University of QuindíoLOPEZ-CORTEZ, OLGA-YURI; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016The influence of the teacher’s methodology in foreign language learning process in seventh grade students in normal superior del quindio high schoolGonzalez Cano, Henry; Hurtado Rios, Jessica; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016The Influence of the Transition from Primary to Secondary Schooling in the Motivation for Learning English of Seventh Grade Students at Institución Educativa Rafael Uribe UribeCampos, Juan C.; Pernagorda, Julian F.; Corrales, Manuel A,; Andreia Leal
28-Nov-2016The Interaction of Students with Cognitive Problems in the Learning Process of English as a Foreign Language (FL) in a Colombian public schoolGarcía Montoya, Yeison; Brito Gaviria, Juan C.; Andreia Leal